Wrong Tooth Extraction

One of the areas of medical treatment that most people try to avoid is dental work.  This is because undergoing dental treatment is painful and it is often a terrifying experience.  But there are times when people are left with no choice but to visit a dental professional for treatment.  In case of a decayed tooth or a bad tooth, people have to undergo tooth extraction which is quite a painful procedure.

The tooth extraction process over the years have become cleaner and a lot simpler and it takes very little time for the patient to recover and get back to their daily routine.  When it comes to maintaining dental health, dental professionals do a great job.  But, there are times when they do make mistakes which cause unnecessary pain and suffering to the patients.

In some cases, dentists remove the wrong tooth or a perfectly healthy tooth.  When this happens, it leaves the patient at a disadvantage and also causes unnecessary pain.  If you have suffered at the hands of a dentist as a result of a wrong tooth extraction, you may be able to make a dental negligence claim.

It is the duty of the dental professional to provide a high standard of dental care.  He must provide an accurate assessment and carry out any treatment in the right manner.  The cost of dental treatment is quite high in the UK and it can leave you out of pocket if you become a victim of dental negligence.

When making a claim for wrongful tooth extraction, you may be able to recover compensation for the costs of dental work that you have undergone, future costs that may arise if you are required to undergo additional treatments, psychological costs if you have suffered damages on a mental level, loss of income and other financial losses that resulted due to your injury.

Making A Claim

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