Root Canal Claims

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve or blood supply to the tooth is infected.  This usually happens when there is an injury or decay.  During the early stages of the infection, the person may not feel any pain.  But, in some cases, the tooth may darken which could mean that the tooth is dying.  Root canal treatment helps clear the infection.

Root canal treatment involves drilling into the cavity of the tooth, cleaning the cavity from the inside, removing any pulp and filling the cavity again.  If the procedure is carried out correctly, it can clear infections and prevent further infections in the tooth.

However, if the procedure is not carried out correctly, it can give rise to complications, pain and also cause further damage to the tooth.  This may then require extraction of the tooth.  Dental health has also been linked to the health of the heart and other major organs.

Just like any other procedures, it is essential to discuss the risks and benefits with the patient before the procedure is carried out.  It is essential that patients are aware of what they can expect during the procedure and after the procedure.

In the UK, dental procedures are carried out exceptionally well.  Dental professionals treat patients with utmost care and patients receive a good standard of service from these professionals.  But, there are times when they fail to provide reasonable care which results in further damage to the tooth.

The effects of dental negligence can be devastating.  It can affect the patient psychologically and financially.

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