Dental Crown Claims

A crown is a cap which fits over the tooth and gives the tooth strength.  It also helps improve appearance.  A great deal of dental work can be involved when it comes to fitting a crown.  The tooth that has been damaged may need to be drilled in so that the crown can fit.   Tooth re-building or some root filling may also need to be carried out.

Whenever dental work is being carried out, it is essential that high standards are maintained.  After the preparation is done, a temporary crown is usually fitted.  A final crown is then prepared in the lab.  The effectiveness and quality of the final crown usually depends on the skill of the dentist.  If the procedure is carried out in a proper manner, the crown will last for about ten years.  But, if mistakes are made or if there is negligence on the part of the dentist, then the crown will not last long.  In addition the patient may also have to endure pain and suffering as well as discomfort if the crown has not been fitted properly.

A number of problems can arise if there is negligence on the part of the dental professional.  Complications can arise due to:

  • Shattered crown
  • Poorly constructed crown
  • Poorly fitted crown causing decay of tooth
  • Incorrectly shaped crown
  • Nerve damage during the dental procedure

An injury claim can be made if a patient has suffered the effects of dental negligence.  This can include pain, suffering and discomfort, tooth damage and damage to tooth leading to extraction.

In any of these cases, the patient may be entitled to recover compensation.  If you have suffered as a result of incorrectly fitted crown, you may be able to make a dental crown claim.

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