Common Causes Of Dental Negligence

A dental negligence claim can be made if you have suffered unnecessary pain and harm due to the negligent act of a dental professional.

Dental negligence can occur in a variety of ways.  Here’s a look at some of the common causes of dental negligence.

Errors in treatment

An error during treatment is one of the main causes of dental injuries that patients have to go through after receiving treatment. Take for example, receiving a dental implant that does not suit your health condition. This will simply cause future complications. Dealing with the complications requires a lot of money. Thus, it is just that the dentist be sued for damages.

Failure to use proper techniques

Receiving treatment from a dentist who is not well qualified might cause injuries to a patient. Using the wrong techniques to fill or remove teeth on patients might also lead to serious injuries. Thus, it is the patient’s right to seek for compensation for injuries sustained.

Failure to follow up with treatment

After treatment follow-ups are recognised as responsibilities of the medical professionals including the dentists. In case your dentist fails to create follow-ups on how you are fairing and that you develop pain or other serious injuries. You should file for a claim against the dentist’s negligence.

Failure to refer patients

There are those instances where you are treated by a certain dentist and they refer you to other doctors for further treatment or even prescription of drugs. If this does not happen, chances are that you could develop complications due to incomplete treatment. Hence, you should sue the dentist for damages if there was a need to refer you to a specialist which your dentist has failed to do.

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