Dental Negligence Claims

As with any medical procedure, when you visit your dentist for a check up or treatment, you trust that your dentist will carry out the correct procedures in the correct manner.  In the majority of cases this trust is well placed and the dentist will carry out all procedures to a high standard.  Unfortunately this is not always the case, resulting in thousands of people each year having pain and suffering as a result of dental negligence.

What is dental negligence?

Your dentist, as with all other health care professional, owes you a duty of care to carry out the correct treatment in the correct manner.  If your dentist breaches this duty of care, by providing dental care which falls below the standard which you are reasonably entitled to expect, and this results in some form of personal injury, you may be entitled to make a dental negligence compensation claim.

To make a successful dental negligence claim it is essential to be able to prove that the mistake made, whether a failure to treat, a misdiagnosis or a error during treatment, would not have been made by a reasonable and competent member of the dental profession.

As with other areas of clinical negligence, dental negligence is a complex area of personal injury law.  It is therefore important to consult a specialist dental or clinical negligence solicitor if you feel you may have a claim for dental negligence.

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